What is an early bird ticket?

An early bird ticket is a special offer for when we launch a festival. It includes all the benefits of a normal priced ticket, but cheaper. Get one while you can!


Can I still enter without a ticket?

Our events are ticketed, due to the serving of alcohol. If you were unsuccessful in buying a ticket, we may have the opportunity to sell tickets on the door. This is not guaranteed, so please watch out for announcements on the event page of Facebook to avoid disappointment.


Do I need ID?

If your lucky enough to look under 25, then Yes!

We enforce a challenge 25 policy.



Can I bring along a sibling/child/spouse?

We run strictly over 18 festivals. If you are under 18 or your child/sibling/spouse cannot prove their age when requested, you will not be allowed entry or may be asked to leave.


How should I dress?

Everybody is unique, so we do not want to tell you how to express yourself. We do however like our guests to dress smart casual, in which ever fashion attire they desire (we do not allow trainers, gym wear & tracksuits, due to most venue policies).


What are drink tokens?

To speed up the bars they do not accept cash or card. Tokens are used instead, you can buy tokens from our token stations located near the entrance of the festival.


How come the details of festival have changed?

We may at times not be able to provide services/products originally advertised, this will always be due to circumstances out of our control. We will communicate these changes to ticket holders when they occur. Please contact us if you have a question about any changes or if you wish to receive a refund.


Will there be seating?

Seating will be provided, but will be limited depending on venue restrictions. If you require seating due to medical conditions, please let us know.


I have special requirements?

Please let us know what your requirements are before you buy a ticket. We may be unable to accommodate any specific requirements depending on the venue. We would like to make sure we can sort all requirements prior to your arrival.



You can receive a refund if you send a refund request before MIDNIGHT ON THE LAST TUESDAY before the festival.


How do I get a  partial refund and when in the deadline?

Please click on the link on the refund page, for the partial refund request form. The deadline is MIDNIGHT ON THE LAST TUESDAY before the festival.